Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I don't really care. I remember the time when i realized that although the top 6 were all really talented, I knew once Melinda was out, I wouldn't really care. I only want Blake to win because I really don't like Jordin. Jordin has a better voice, but Blake, I think, is more talented.

Randy = Sgt. Pepper
Oh, and i read TWoP's recap of last week's show and the randy johnson thing melinda said has been clarified.

-I bet there is one person devoted to controlling Paula's mic because of all the painkillers she's legitimitely on now. whoever it is is slacking on bringing it up in time.

Blake - you give love a bad name. Jordin - fighter. bad choice of song on jordin's part. terrible and screechy performance. good on blake for going with his love it or hate it remake from bon jovi week. great performance. blake gets round 1.

-- Paula thinks this is one of the best finales? I don't agree. I haven't cared less about a finale since Ruben and Clay. And i didn't even watch that season! Although I do think blake is the best male finalist so far. In terms of appeal. Specifically, to me.

Song 2 -- Blake - she will be loved. Jordin - a broken wing. at the beginning of her performance, i thought jordin was alright, but then it turned into everything that i hate about her singing. i bet the judges will love it though.

Song 3 -- Songwriter's competition. "This is my now" They introduce us to the writers so we know who to send the hate mail to if the song sux. it seems like blake wants their address, because he hates the song and it shows. Jordin performs it surprise there since it was basically written for her. i was kind of pissed about this. while blake was singing it i was thinking how bad it was with him singing and how jordin was probably going to knock it out of the park. they couldn't have picked two songs? I think the people that love Jordin will think this performance was the greatest ever. but the same things i hate about her voice are in here too.

Honestly, I think this is Jordin's win. Score one for the Amazonians. I'm still rooting for a blake upset though. that would make my life!

eyeliner mcbaldy comes back to play us out. with the song we hear every frickin week.

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