Wednesday, May 16, 2007

SRC: Final 3 Performances!!

Night of Threes! Three Contestants! Three Songs Each! Three Judges! Three more episodes! umm...Three...some...

JORDIN - Simon picks "Wishin on a Star" for Jordan. My brother and I wish that she rocked Rose Royce's headpiece from the original vid:

this is my favorite performance from jordin, but that's not saying much because i usually hate them. but she only did that thing i hate with her throat once. (when she's jumping a lot of notes, she makes this weird annoying sex sound with her throat) She KILLS ME when she says she'd never heard this song before though. ugh. you have a lot to learn little big one.
BLAKE - Paula chooses "Roxanne". Nice choice, P. Blake does well with it. Good on them.
MELINDA - I think there should be a tv show where different mayors and governors from across the land read faxes penned by Randy Jackson. And did Melinda call him Randy Johnson? Randy picks a Whitney. Yipes! Aside from a couple small moments, she effing nails it.
**My girl wins Round 1

JORDIN - (Works Hard for the Money) Admits to loving Hanson's "MmmBop". She uses the excuse that she's 17. Considering that song is like 10 years old, that is not a valid excuse. Also, I hate her. Paula & Simon are cracking up about an accidental hooker joke Paula made. Jordin doesn't get it.
BLAKE - (This Love) haha. A question from Nancy. Shouldn't that be for? O Chasquido!
MELINDA - (Nutbush City Limits) Melinda is awesome.
**Round 2 - Tie. Between whom? I'm guessing Melinda & Jordin. Randy gives it to Melinda.

JORDIN - (I Who Have Nothing) Yeah, whatever, it was good. Why does Jordin always laugh when Simon criticizes her? Jordin really effin ruins her chances here by snottily pointing out that Simon's criticizing her for giving her a 60 year old song when he gave her a 30 year old song. Naive idiot-brat. His pick wasn't old-fashioned. And she could've done something cooler with it than she did. Her pick will always be old fashioned.
BLAKE - (When I Get You Alone) nice performance. what more can i say. this is a lot of songs to go through.
MELINDA - (I'm a Woman) Nice. This was one of my favorite Melinda performances, so I'm glad she chose to do it again. Simon gives Melinda some award saying how great she is. It's from all of us. I didn't get a chance to sign the card though.

HOMETOWN LOVE - Blake performs with Sir Mix A Lot, Jordin gets a star at the mall (lame!) and Melinda gets a street named after her (Sweet!)

I think this is a Melinda/Jordin race. If anything hurt Jordin tonight, it was that sass she gave Simon. Melinda forever!!

Simon calls Melinda "my girl". Me too. He puts her in the finals. Me too.

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