Monday, May 21, 2007

i am now a shear genius by association

not that this really applies, but...i was inspired by jacklyn smith's hair on shear genius so much that i got my hair cut just like hers! i brought pictures of her and to the hairstylist...and then the hairstylist shit her pants when i told her that jacklyn smith was 61...and then i shit my pants when i saw that my hair looked so good!


Sara said...

#1) was Jose Eber your stylist
#2) Is Jaclynn Smith really 61?
#3) are there pictures?

Becca said...

1. yes! (i am lying)
2. she was born in 1945! so yes - definitely 61...and from what i can tell sold her soul to the devil.
3. there are plenty of pics of jaclyn...however there are no pics of my new hair..yet. (i should have taken a good pic post salon)