Sunday, May 06, 2007


Previously: Jael was kicked out but is still spreading the light somewhere.

I feel in harmony with the world, what with people finally turning on Jordin on Idol, and now the world hating Brittany as I do. But I get ahead of myself.

1) when did renee become jael's #1 fan? also, the girls are mad at britters for using her fake drama and sacrificing jael in the process. dionne gives voice to MY FUCKING THOUGHTS EXACTLY, noting brittany's enthusiasm for the acting challenge (where they also had to memorize) and complete 180 for the aussie commercials.
2) brit seems like a huge nerd. and turns the annoying dial to 11 this episode.
3) natasha's super confidence might not be that cute anymore
4) dionne keeps asking to keep shit at the go-sees. which was hilarious, then a little bit annoying. i got worried that she'd get called out for it.
5) ok, so, natasha returns at 4:31. which as we know by this cycle, is way too late. she's disqualified. then brit comes a few minutes later and throws a FIT! doesn't even go in. sees natasha waiting and just starts crying. and screaming. and blaming the cab driver (and we are reminded in a flashback that it's not the driver's faul at all. take some fucking responsibility brit) even though she's the idiot here. so she looks REALLY stupid. the judges of the challenge can hear her having a fit and it was at this point that i realized that my dream might actually come true. later she's bitching to renee and she's like "i was ONE MINUTE LATE!" and renee is all 'actually, natasha was one minute late. you were a few minutes after her." And the best thing of all?? None of the designers said they would book brittany. hahahahahaha!
6) Jaslene barely makes it back in time but is totally hilarious once they realize natasha and brittany are late. natasha shows up and when whatshername says she's late she goes "no, i'm not" but then takes it like a man. she rightly tries to put brit in her place basically by saying she's overreacting. in her words, "there are wars in other countries" Jaslene wins the challenge, shares the booty with Dionne. They take awesome peekchas with nigel on a bridge.
7) photo shoot - a shot for a men's magazine and then women's. with sexy dudes. tyra's the photog for the women's mag, some other dude for the men's. i have a theory that tyra isn't a good photographer because -- why are all her pictures in sepia? I bet she sucks at composition. this batch especially looks super photoshopped. they all do well for the most part.
8) brit-t-t-t: "i don't think i'll be in the bottom 2 again because i think i did a damn good job!" FOOL!
9) bottom 2 => dionne and brit. i was really nervous here because i thought for sure since brit got so much negative face time this episode that they were trying to throw us off and i woulda been angry if dionne was out before brit. but alas, the writers were important after all and brit gets the boot. FINALLY!!! i literally jumped up and down, fists in the air, when it happened.
10) unfortunately, i think d is out next week at this rate. it seems like renee is in the lead now with natasha hot on her heels. jaslene is returning to form and stepping up her game again. the editors must be doing something right because i've forgotten to hate renee anymore.

Next week, we find out who makes it to the finals. hoorah!!


christine said...

could you even believe how Extreme Puzzle Level brittany was?
and not in a good way. plus, her tantrum was out of control, for reals.

Sara said...

that whole episode i was lit'rally calling her Extreme Puzzle Level in my head. Like, for reals friend.

weird that it was not something i noticed before this episode