Wednesday, May 09, 2007

SRC: Top 4 Performances!

i'm gonna go ahead and be a post machine today even though for some reason, the comments have stopped...and really its the comments that keep me and becca going. :( i guess i'll forgive everyone this time, but comments really help me decide what to keep in reality corner...and just remember, everytime a post goes uncommented on, a baby bunny's ears fall off.

Mentor: Barry Gibb Theme: Songs of Barry Gibb

Ok, we have 3 girls and one boy left. Each contestant has two songs tonight. Barry Gibb, I think is missing a very important part of his mustache. It's like the opposite of a Hitler mustache. Picture it. Looks weird, right?

MELINDA (1) - I really think Melinda can do anything..for example, the way she takes the judges' criticism -- unlike Jordin, who was way annoying about it last week. Or Chris who got mad. Or Phil who just ignores the judges' opinions and basically mouthkissed the audience.
BLAKE (1) - this first song is weird for me. blake takes the judges well also.
LAKISHA (1) - Bad marks on this first song. Takes it like a man though. Everyone's being great about the criticism tonight.
JORDIN (1) - annoys me at least 4 times before she even performs.
MELINDA (2) - brings it back with #2.
BLAKE (2) - just not doing it for me tonight. and 'vocal entendre [Lewis 2007]' overkill. blake turns the flirt on for what could be his last chance at seacrest.

OK, then there's this weird part where Ryan introduces Judge Judy and it seems like she was just supposed to stand there, but the fame got to her head and she made it like this weird skit thing... but basically they need to stop giving people mics if they don't want them to do more than just stand. it's quincy and the color purple all over again. Poor Simon's mom got totally overlooked.

LAKISHA (2) - better than her first at least
JORDIN (2) - Boring. and Fake. and ugh. kinda bad. So the judges don't love this performance either and when simon criticizes her, she responds with a weird fake overeager smile that looks like she's baring her fangs. then, she makes a really immature face.

I think Melinda is safe. Not sure about how it will play with the other 3. I think that Lakisha will definitely be in the bottom. and just because he had two negatively reviewed performances, i'll say blake is with her. I would also just like to take a minute to say "go america" for a top four of 3 not-skinny bitches and a probs gay dude. go us.


littlejeans said...


I don't normally watch Idol or America's Next Top Model, so I don't have much to comment on those posts... but ACTUALLY, I did catch an ANTM clip show re-cap kinda thingie and all the sudden I knew what you were talking about for about 2 seconds!

Sara said...

alright! i love to enlighten. i might not do idol after this season because that's a lot of hours of tv to watch...and not too many readers watch idol. anyway, thanks for commenting for the hell of it. i appreciate it!