Wednesday, May 02, 2007

SRC: Top 6! Again!

Mentor: Jon Bon Jovi Theme: Music of Bon Jovi. New Jersey rejoices.

[The "_____ says:" portion of this will be done by Hobo Ryan. Because unless Idol is doing Mustache Survivor, then he's just scruffy for the hell of it.

NOSPHILATU - my sources tell me Phil is Vote for the Worst's new target...which -- I mean he's not terrible, he's just creepy and totally soft rock.

Hobo Ryan says: Boy, you been beggin' on my turf. get off my lawn!!!!

JORDIN - The Jove immediately hates Jordin as I do because the first thing she says to him is that her mom loves him. Ouch! Ugh!! This SUCKS. And if the judges don't think so, then there's definitely a conspiracy going on. FINALLY!!! YES!!! THEY AGREE!!! OH SIMON!! oh man. she's being so annoying about receiving the bad comments.

Hobo Ryan says: Giant! Giant on the loose! Fie!!

LAKISHA - Woah! LaKisha has personality. Haha, she said she saw Bon Jovi on Oprah. Kiki's back!

Hobo Ryan says: Keep your DAMN LIPS off MY MAN ,you cockatoo!!

BLAKE - Bon Jovi seems to be near tears that Blake is changing the arrangement for his beloved song. Woah. Blake has dark hair. Simon is totes right about this when he says half of the audience will love and half will hate.

Hobo Ryan says: hunkabunka. do me.

CHRIS R - Cutie!!
Bon Jovi is so skeptical about almost all of the contestants.

Hobo Ryan says: This boy outta here.

MELINDA - Before I watched the show, I saw this part on a tv across the way at the gym and without my contacts I thought they had brought Gina back. Melinda is everything wonderful.

Hobo Ryan says: mmmyep.

Hey! They digitized George and Laura Bush just like Elvis.

My Bottom 3 Guess: Jordin Phil Chris
My Bottom 2 Based on Performance: Jordin, Chris

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ricky said...

yeah,,,,what was up with lakesha's instant personality??