Thursday, March 01, 2007

WRC: Top 20

I think the following six boys are safe this week:

1.Chris Richardson - mmmmmm
2.Sundance Head - finally came back this week. we'll see if he can keep it up.
3.Blake Lewis - i just love this kid
4.Chris Sligh - so great. again - don't know about the whole "look" thing with him. Then again, taylor did win last year (zing!).
5.AJ Tibaldo - this cute lil monchichi finally did something where he sticks out.
6.Nick Pedro - i want to use his voice as a blanky.

I think unfortunately Sanjaya is done. he was too timid and it was like he was performing for an audience of 10. logistically i think probably phil (nosferatu) will be the second, but hear me out on this: brandon rogers.

Brandon Rogers pissed me the fuck off this week. I was completely warming up to him until his stupid bratty attitude. it is a show about singing, not who can 'feel' the best. it doesn't matter how much heart you put into it, you can't just make a dedication and rely on that as a great performance. he has to be able to stick out against these other boys and by doing a bullshit BORING performance and, when called out on it, acts like a complete baby, he isn't doing that. i think he maybe shot himself in the foot with the 'tude he gave the judges. he was likeable, now he's just stubborn and cocky.


1.Melinda Doolittle - i love love LOVE melinda doolittle. and that she's kind of dorky and all face.
2.Lakisha Jones - she has nothing to worry about this week...i did expect a little more from her out of this song, but she's still phenomenal.
3.Stephanie - big ups to savannah!
4.Nosella Noserton (Sabrina Sloan) - not her best today, but she'll be fine,
5.Gina Glocksen - reigning white girl
6.Jordin Sparks - aww. she loves her brother. she's melting my cold dark heart.

Ryan: "So antonella, what will you do differently this week?" Antonella: "Well, the entire nation has seen my scandalous pictures, so I'm counting on those votes." I think Antonella is for sure done. for sure. if it wasn't cemented by her terrible performance, it was by her ridiculous' tude. she sux. Beyond that, i'm guessing Alaina Alexander or Haley Scarnato. I really think there's only room for one white girl in the top 6 and neither of these girls are it.

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Becca said...

i heart melinda doolittle too!!!