Saturday, March 31, 2007


Previously: Felicia was getting too cute, so Tyra sent her home.

We start with Natasha on the phone with the husband that picked her from a catalogue. She makes weird noises on the phone with him and there's also some meowing. Also, who knew she had a baby? Also, does the baby have a name? or is it "Baby"?

Later in the house, Whitney and Diana are talking about how great it is to have 2 plus size girls in the house. At this point, my roommate says one of them is going home. I not only agree, but predict that it will be down to the two of them.

Some model and some lady from Elite teach the girls how to dress. The girls then go to Sears to participate in a style challenge/get an application for a job should this modeling thing not work out. They break into groups of threes. My favorite reaction is from Dionne, who says "They told me my groupmates were Sarah and Renee, and I was like 'hmmmm...Sarah and Renee.'" Amen, Dionne. Life further sucks for D when she completely styles Sarah, but Sarah gets credit for it and wins the challenge. And never speaks up about it. I hate her even more now. The best thing she ever did was accurately compare Natasha to a used car salesman.

At the photo shoot, the girls are posing with dudes. But the dudes dress like girls and the girls dress like dudes.

JASLENE does great
BRITTANY looks like Will Forte
RENEE does aight
JAEL is hilarious
DIONNE looks like Chris Rock
SARAH is stupid
WHITNEY is boring
NATASHA is the most amazing thing here. I definitely give her props for how much studying she puts in
DIANA is boring.

Afterwards, Jay asks Diana why she wants to be ANTM and she puts the final nail in her coffin by responding "Just 'cause." I think she wanted to be there but she just wasn't articulate or maybe very smart. Like those kids from school that always got in trouble and would answer to their teachers with their heads hung saying 'just 'cause'.

As predicted, it's down to the chubs --Whitney and Diana. I personally think that Diana has more potential as a model than Whitney, but we all know that in the Top Model Universe, not wanting to be there trumps anything. So, Diana goes home. And Whitney will probably go next week.


ricky said...

i also called the "battle of the bulge" AND the dionne-chris rock connection!

did you catch the natahsa boog that dripped out? why am i always catching bodily fluids as they shoot out the orifices of reality stars? is it my curse?

Sara said...

i didn't catch the boog but had to read about it on fourfour like a peasant. i wish i had!

christine said...

"down to the chubs"--i am proud to know you.
i also wanted you to know that my apt was sans internet since i was outta town this weekend and one of the most brutal aspects was my coolface ache.
i'm sorry, my ache for cooler than stupid. you know what i mean. it was as if antm hadn't all the way happened when i couldn't read whatcha thought about it.
ps i will not miss this dianna character. she fell flat everyplace but the bosoms.