Friday, March 02, 2007

WRC: Idol Results

So...I was...kind of off on my guesses. i must've forgotten that america can be an idiot about things and people don't necessarily vote on who is the best. and the only reason i can think that antonella barba is still there is because of websites like that one vote for the worst place where they send massive amounts of votes to the worst contestant to make the producers (and me) angry. whatevs, at least i was 25% right with Alaina getting the boot. Her kickoff singing time was almost really embarrassing because she was crying so much she couldn't get a note out and then she called the girls down to hug her and it was kind of sad, but she was able to pull it together to sing a little bit. Leslie also got kicked off. I figured she'd go next week anyway, but i would have liked to see that QM perform again. Any little bit to unlock the mystery of leslie hunt.

kellie pickler performed and i was all 'kellie boobjob'? also, she's aged herself 20 years with that hairdo she was sporting. if i would've given fantasia a nickname last week i would've called her 'fantasia cheetohs'

So, I will admit that my opinion on nick was probably swayed because i thought he was cute, so i'll say i was way off on that one. but AJ?!?! not sweet lil most likely gay aj! he had a great voice and performed so much better than sanjaya. seriously. what the eff?

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