Friday, March 09, 2007

WRC: YOUR top 12

so i ended up watching the results show before i got a chance to finish watching the guys sing, but it appears i didn't really need to write much more than i had. I was correct about Jared getting kicked out. and THANK GOD, finally america got the hint and Antonella is out. carrie underwood comes out and performs and i wonder if she's thinking 'i'm a grammy winning superstar, when will i be able to stop coming back to perform for these wannabes'. then we get to the interesting part -- they send everyone through to the top 12 until 10 spots are filled and we're left with four people: Sanjaya, Sundance, Sabrina, and Haley. Sabrina and Haley are called up and you look at the two of them and think "oh, sara was right on because there's no WAY that sabrina/nosella is going home right now and that haley has ever done better than her. And then sabrina/nosella gets sent home and haley gets through to the top 12. and you can tell by how hard haley takes it that she knows it should've been her. then i start to wonder that maybe some people are confused and think that they are still voting for katharine mcphee when they vote for haley. then there's some long thing about how idol is gonna save the world or something. when it FINALLY ends, seacrest calls up sanjaya and sundance and the world thinks "well, sundance isn't gonna win, but he definitely deserves the last spot more than sanjaya does. god damn, sara is good!" so the last spot goes to sanjaya. it's just, really a waste of a top 12 spot there. he doesn't have a chance unless he is able to gain confidence and lose awkwardness and i will protest until these tween girls stop voting for the little boy whose hag they all totally want to be. ugh. i'm so over america sometimes.

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nosella nosington wuz here.