Saturday, March 10, 2007

WRC: high school!!!!

This week's episode of top model is all about high school --- which I think for the viewing audience is a blast from the past novelty, but for the contestants, it's basically like going back to yesterday or something. anyway, the girls got some walking lessons from one j and had to do a runway show for a high school as the challenge, and then did a photo shoot with the other jay where they had to embody high school stereotypes. and can i just say that between a runway show for high school students and last week's runway show for the goodwill employee/parking lot loiterers, i think ANTM might be losing its clout. and can i also say that i was at the gym today watching something with a bunch of stunners on vh1, so i thought it was that one show the agency...and i was like, no wonder antm keeps getting average looking contestants, all the hotties are actually models! imagine my surprise when i realized i was not watching the agency, but rather Australia's Next Top Model. between those girls and the dudes i met last weekend, i'm convinced that that's where all the beautiful people come from.

Ok, so last week's fight was about burping, this week was about jaslene's trantastic self esteem. now that we're all caught up, let's move on to the list. i've also got all the girls' names this week, so i'll make the proper corrections:

Renee (fka Renee) - CLASS CLOWN - UGH!!! Stop with the excuses. This girl's got a sack of excuses always at the ready and her son in her back pocket. I would really like for someone to punch Renee in her pretty little bitchy face. She also complained about two people watching her photo shoot, but then you see that she sat in on everyone else's. ugh. can't stand her.

Whitney (fka Plus Size #2) - MEAN GIRL - I dunno. I don't see what tyra sees. i don't have any opinion on her except that she needs to find better fitting tops.

Jael (fka Jael) - BOOKWORM - bitch can work an 80's look. and a nerdy look. i think that really she might be able to work any look. I might love this girl. and if i don't, i definitely could.

Felicia (fka Tyra Jr) - JOCK - brows on the loose!!! seriously, i'm jonesin for makeover episode for this girl. otherwise, lil tyra is fab

Cassandra (fka Fugalicious) - CHEERLEADER - i think it's hilarious that they made the fugster fuggleton the cheerleader. They took her shirt off so you wouldn't look at her face.

Jaslene (fka Jaslene) - WEIRDO - This girl can take a fucking picture.

Diana (fka Plus Size #1) - STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT - i tried really hard to make some sort of joke tying 'student body' with the fact that she's a plus size model, but then i gave up. Regardless, this is the plus size steed I'm choosing.

Brittany (fka soccer mom) - VALEDICTORIAN - i can't understand why the judges love this girl so much. Eck. I can't roll with this.

Dionne (fka Deanna) - BAD GIRL - We haven't really seen too much about this girl, but I'm pleased so far.

Natasha (fka Russian Mail Order Bride) - TEACHER'S PET - of course the russian's name is Natasha. i think the language thing is going to make things so difficult on her and that the judges are eventually going to cut her loose because they don't want to deal with trying to convey their thoughts to her.

Sarah (fka Sarah) - CLASS FLIRT - Is not a model to me. Does nothing for me.

Samantha (fka Brows) - BAD REPUTATION - She needs to get over who she is and step into her characters. She's such a dud. i don't think she realizes that if she wants to be a model, she's often going to be in situations (and have jobs) that require her to be a different person than she is...and she just seemed really resistant to that...

...Which is why Brows and her brows got the boot this week. Unfortunate because i really was looking forward to seeing her post-makeover, but whatevs - good riddance i say. she was one of the prettiest ones there, but she was also too conservative for this fickle fickle world.

Some final notes:

-CariDee's My Life As A Covergirl are byfar the best ones.

- People i would love to see leave: Cassandra, Renee, Sarah, Brittany, and Whitney.


christine said...

i like how jay presented it as, "you know those parts of the yearbook that people get voted into?" (or whatever he actually said, something to that effect), as if it would be like most likely to succeed etc. and then it was like, you're the class weirdo, you're the girl with a bad reputation, you're mean...anyway, those superlatives were not in my yearbook. i also tried not to resent that bookworm=nerd with glasses, but so goes it you know?

and lastly, my favorite moment maybe in ANTM history:
"I don't just want this, i DESIRE this!"
-jaslene to panel.

meanwhile, you're so astute. i wish i could watch it side by side with you. and again on sunday.

Becca said...

i actually watched this episode!!

that's all.


ricky said...

also what's up with the gypsy tyra we've been seening this season? Or is it pirate tyra, and if so, can we look forward to a pet parrot. Or even Twiggy dressed up as a parrot and perched on her Tyra's shoulder would do.