Friday, March 09, 2007


i just wanted to give a shout out to all our loyal readers and a hello to any new guys pokin' around the joint. We had over 300 visits this week and I know that to any other blog that's effing pocket change or something, but to us that's pretty huge. We've had some big numbers as of late and here are the public thank yous i'd like to give. Becca can add on with any more that she might think of...

1) People who like to see Maggie Gyllenhaal's baby hole covered in fur.

- for a while, we were blindsided by the amount of traffic directed our way based solely on one picture and one mention of maggie gyllenhaal on this blog. but then we decided not to question and just to accept it--life hasn't been the same since.

2) Dolly Parton, Queen of the World

- we all know how fucking awesome dolly is so let's not waste any time there. Without Dolly, we wouldn't have the dolly fans who have come out in crowds THREE TIMES as large as gyllenhaal's supporters. Dolly wins everything. Dolly should be a contestant on american idol, america's next top model, AND the Amazing Race. and i don't even watch the amazing race.

3) Anyone with McPheever

- some kids at idol forum came across a post of mine and that day gave us record-breaking numbers (probably). never underestimate what kind of information superfans will scramble for.


- if you're a consistent reader of this blog, then you know i have a special place in my heart for Rich from fourfour. aside from just having an awesome blog, he does amazing recaps of top model with screen shots and videos and sound clips and hilarious but spot-on observations. he also has a hamburger head cat named winston and another cat whose name i don't know. i pimp out his blog at any opportunity i have because i think the world would be a better place if everyone read it. anyway, he recently linked us on his blog and i couldn't be more excited.

5) the steadfast members of the coolfacelets

- all 3 official inductees. make your presence known and you could very well be inducted. i'm thinking our next inductee may or may not be a gentlelady named christine.


christine said...

holler! i eat it up with a fork and knife, i do.

Becca said...

don't forget about all the people who surf in looking for instructions on how to save a choking dog!

i feel kind of bad about that one, because i don't think this blog will be saving any pets in emergency situations....though you never know.

ricky said...

congrats christine, but don't bother looking for the wine -- becca drank it all.