Wednesday, March 14, 2007

WRC: Top 12 Performances

Brandon - I don't really like this guy...ever since his 'tude that one time. and i think he's a little sleazy.

Melinda - Paula's first official random crying y'all!!! I love how Melinda has the right amount of confidence when it comes to performing..but then right after it she blacked out to perform or something. I heart MD.

Chris Sligh - No glasses on this dude makes me uncomfortable. I think this is the point of the competition where you can't just rely on having a great voice. I also hated his arrangement

Gina - I really hope gina makes it through a few weeks. i'm pleased with her.

Sanjaya - I hate how he holds the mic, I hate how he moves on stage. He is so wrong for this competition and I'm so mad that he's still here. He also went opposite of his flat-iron girl hair last week and had a justin guarini curly fro this week. I feel like everyone is doing everything they can (judges, hair stylist, me) to get this kid kicked off. for his own sake. except america.

Haley - I think she might be around for a couple weeks because she's the only girl like her there. her comments were better than they have been, but she might've screwed herself by doing so much visible self-doubting.

Phil - creeps me out. good voice, but the problem is we have to look at him. he's too nosferatu for me.

LaKisha - wonderful as usual

Blake - he'll be fine whatever he does for now i think

Stephanie - I love this girl, but I totally agree with Simon re: I kept waiting for that song to start.

Chris R - it definitely was a terrible vocal and he's had way better performances in the past, but I totally love this guy and he'll always do right by me. (for now)

Jordin - Jordin...allow me to be a little bold about jordin here. I feel like she has done 3 mediocre performances in a row and everyone was being nice to her because they thought she should definitely be in the top 12. and now that she's there, she's (in my opinion) still doing mediocre performances. i love the land before time, but that song showed her youth, it bored me, and i don't think it was as vocally perfect as the judges said it was. it seems like the judges are trying to push her into the finals for whatever reason...but i remain unimpressed. and she seems like she'd be kind of annoying in person.

All in all, if it's a girl, it will probably be a vote split that stephanie will likely suffer from. If it's a boy, it better be Sanjaya. Either way, it better be sanjaya. if america is stupid again, then i think chris sligh is in trouble. though i'd rather see phil go first.


Suzanne said...

I'm so mad about tonight's show (SANJAYA) and I wanted to see if I was the only one! I agree completely with you on all accounts!!

We have to get that boy off the show!

Sara said...

I'm glad I'm not alone here, suzanne!

ricky said...

Ugh. Sanajaya is still around. Good call on the Phil-Nosferatu connection. This season is turning a bit boring and predictable, I have to admit. We know that either Melinda or Lakeisha are going to win.