Saturday, March 24, 2007


Renee realizes that everyone hates her and makes a decision to start being nice. Benny Ninja pulls the girls over dressed as the least convincing police officer there ever was and starts to vogue. Felicia is adorable. Diana is awkward. Brittany and Natasha make me uncomfortable. Dionne impresses me. Jael does her whole challenge with BJ face.

Back at the house, Jael burns her face with a curling iron (even though she has half an inch of hair). i love that drug addled weirdo.

At some sort of Tyra "Bank", Benny Ninja is wearing an illfitting onesie. seriously, this guy is worse off than nicole richie. The girls have to go all catherine zeta-jones on us by stealthily posing through beams of light. Benny demonstrates and of course he makes it through without triggering the buzzer because he's the one that sounds the buzzer. Some girls are good, some girls suck. It's hard to tell with all the cuts. Whitney wins.

Photo Shoot - Crime Scene Victim

RENEE - POISONED - Renee finally does a good job on her shoot. Also, she admitted to Jay that the girls hate her because she's a bitch - so at least she's aware. To me, her pic looks like she's thinking, not like she's dead.

JASLENE - PUSHED OFF A ROOF - stellar as always.


DIANA - STOLEN ORGANS - Diana is pretty, but I'm starting to think that's it.

SARAH - PUSHED DOWN THE STAIRS - i still don't get it

JAEL - STRANGLED - It's mean that they did this shoot so soon after her friend died. Tyra sucks.

FELICIA - DECAPITATED - i thought hers was that her throat was slit. because it's not like her head was separate from her body or even hanging off. anywho, she didn't do great in the shoot. she was super confident in this episode and as soon as i saw that i was nervous for her.

WHITNEY - STABBED - I'm still not that impressed by her. She's kind of child-like sometimes too.

NATASHA - DROWNED - Natasha is so frickin weird and foreign. i love it.

DIONNE - SHOT IN THE HEAD - I'm still a big fan of D.

It comes down to Felicia and Dionne. I was bummed about this because I love them both. Dionne doesn't give them the impression of a model. Felicia was getting prettier than Tyra, so Tyra had her murdered. I mean booted. For the first time I can remember (i don't know if it's happened before) Tyra takes the time to say goodbye to Felicia and give her advice. Normally she dismisses them with a thank you. also, both plus sizes has lasted longer (probably) than other plus size girls of the past. this means tyra's making a statement this cycle.


a to the dizzle said...

I absolutely love that I've been watching just enough television to keep up with your blog.

In other words, please be true! In other words, I love youuu, wifeyyyy.

christine said...

"Benny demonstrates and of course he makes it through without triggering the buzzer because he's the one that sounds the buzzer."
this is one sparkling example of why i just luv to read your reality corner. you so smart, so funny.

ps what's up with antm setting up death shots immediately following the death of a friend of one of the girlz? ie kehlen in the coffin, jael strangled on a bed.

pps- since i know you have nothing but time, energy and brilliant insights i thought you should know that i am also interested in your thoughts on other shows i like, for instance the hills, top design and right now i'm watching real world denver. something to consider. from your adoring fanbase.
well, me, at least.

Sara said...

i'll see what i can do bub...although i don't currently watch any of those shows, i do have dvr!

Becca said...

you know, christine might be on to something. i think it would be especially interesting to comment on a show like the hills b/c it's so painfully boring...or am i alone in thinking that?