Wednesday, March 07, 2007

WRC: Idol Top 16

****UPDATE****I still haven't seen all the boys, but apparently I clairvoyantly mentioned all the boys that were affected in last night's results show. i don't know when (or if) i'll get to watching the rest of that other show, so i'm probably not gonna add anymore to this post.

Here we go...we're almost at the top 12. Finally, i'll only have to commit one night to performances. I'm hoping that everything goes according to what i have planned in my noggin...otherwise it'll be a looong season having to put up with the lesser talented but more popular contestants.

BLAKE: i really don't think blake needs to worry about anything for the next 8 weeks or so
SANJAYA: It was nice of Sanjaya to let his sister sing for him this week. Too weak, too timid. He better be gone this week, because honestly, no matter what, this guy doesn't have a shot at taking this competition.
SUNDANCE: he'll most likely make the top 6, but he gets less appealing to me weekly. even though he finally found his footing again, he just hasn't blown my mind in performances like he did at his first audition.

** a stab in the dark guess until i see the rest of the episode -- sanjaya and jared (who is just so forgettable to me)

JORDIN: she was pretty charismatic last night. i think she's safe.
SABRINA: no worries.
ANTONELLA: much better this week but seriously, she is zero compared to everyone else. she's amateurish and the weakest singer and kind of a brat. even the judges- in so many words- were like, america, kick this bitch out.
HALEY: just not good enough
STEPHANIE: woot! savannah!
LAKISHA: lakisha can do no wrong.
GINA: still reigning white girl
MELINDA: fucking melinda. sing me lullabies. i heart you.

if haley and antonella aren't out this week, i'll eat my fucking hat.

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