Monday, March 05, 2007


America has been making some bad choices recently that not only make me uncomfortable, but that i think are forewarning us that the world is about to end. For one, Antonella Barba is still on American Idol. Secondly, Britney scrawls 666 on her forehead, screams that she is the antichrist, and then tries to kill herself with her bedsheets...and NOW, fucking WILD HOGS made 38 million at the box office. REALLY, AMERICA?!?!?! You're going to throw away your money on that load of crap??? are the four horsemen of the apocalypse really just john travolta, tim allen, martin lawrence, and william h. macy on motorcycles?!?! excuse me while i go vomit as much as i did when i read on the news that a woman's torso in a suitcase washed ashore.

Source: [MTV UK] via [BWE]
Source: [NY TIMES]


Becca said...


and the weirdest part about the woman's torso that they found is that they are trying to use the little cherry tattoo on torso to figure out it's identity. ewwww..

p.s. they showed the tattoo on the news last nght, which means they showed a little piece of the dismembered torso on tv. yikes!!

Sara said...

also, did you notice that, for a torso that had been in a suitcase for a week, the skin the tattoo was on looked surprisingly full of life. i'm guessing someone had fun with photoshop!

Becca said...

you are totally right!! ackkkkk!!