Thursday, March 15, 2007

WRC: Top 11

So there's good news and there's bad news and then there's news that could go either way...

The bottom three this week consisted of NosPhilatu, Sanjaya, and Brandon -- all boys i could do without. i think it's awesome that the bottom three were all dudes....i wish when they cut it down from 24 that it wouldn't be strictly 2 boy 2 girl each week because you know we could've been spared sanjaya for sabrina. anyway, i don't rule the world, so i'm over it. Phil turned out to be safe, leaving the bottom two as Sanjaya and Brandon. So of course the world thinks it'll be sanjaya because he clearly NEEDS TO FUCKING LEAVE but i think "well it definitely could be brandon - never underestimate a gaggle of tween wannabe hags." So the bad news is that Sanjaya is still around. The good news is that Brandon is out (i was a couple weeks early on calling that one) and i, for one, am pleased. The news that could go either way is that Sanjaya had the second least amount of votes. It is possible that his fanbase will notice this and double the votes next week, but i really hope he just goes. there's only one other person that i wouldn't mind sacrificing before him but beyond that it won't be cool if he beats out more deserving people.

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