Sunday, March 18, 2007

WRC: Out with the Fuggleton! Edition

Tyra realized that even after the makeover, Cassandra was still ugly.

So this week was everyone's favorite episode - the MAKEOVER episode. Hooray!! Of course, Tyra feels the need to do some sort of skit (she really needs to stop with those). This time, she does one where she throws a fit about getting her "hair" cut off. The biggest drama this cycle though, was that Jael's first look didn't take, so they put her through hell trying to fix it. and in my opinion, she was a pretty good sport about it.

I thought that post-makeover, Jaslene, Dionne, Felicia and Diana look great. Renee, Jael, and Whitney looked pretty good. Brittany, Natasha and Sarah looked eh. and Cassandra was an improvement, but there was just no hope. My roommate thinks that they only kept her around until they could take that wig out of her head.

Also dramatic for Jael this episode was her Tragic News. And again, for how serious it was, she did a pretty good job of keeping it together (for the most part).

So the challenge this week was one of those where they have to put on a full face of makeup in a certain amount of time whilst running from place to place. Cassandra got disqualified because she got stuck in a tree and was late. ha. The photoshoot theme was candy and sweets and naked poon. the girls stripped down and were painted with pictures of candy and covered in syrup and it all looked delicious and messy.

Sarah - looked like an ice cream gnome

Dionne - i love this girl. they still aren't showing too much of her personality though.

Brittany - can't stop FUCKING complaining. SHEESH.

Diana - I still like her so far, despite the fact that she's shown a little bit of bitchery.

Renee - fucking excuse making finger pointing shit stirrer. ugh.

Whitney - I'm still eh on her. she seems like a really cool person though.

Jael - is still in the running towards becoming my next top fave

Felicia - the hair made such an improvement. i think she's a strong contender. the hair also makes her look her age, but she can still work it.

Jaslene - Beautiful. a huge improvement with the makeover too. (i wish she weren't so skinny)

Natasha - i would like for natasha to stick around if just for her crazy foreignisms.

At panel, it came down to Cassandra and Diana. They kept saying stuff about cassandra like 'beautiful personality' 'beautiful on the inside' 'heart of gold'. haha. you're ugly. go home. though i still think my favorite part was when they first revealed her photo and it was so silent. i wish they had put some cricket chirps in there. anyway, i can't even remember what they didn't like about diana (i feel like it was her body, but they had to know what they were signing on for what with her being a plus size model and all). regardless, fuggleton got the boot and sara rejoiced. Next week: i'll probably still be waiting for renee, brittany and sarah to get kicked off.


christine said...

don't you sort of feel like brittany now looks like one of the designers from trading spaces? the one that was always pregnant? so yeah i mean, kinda not hot, to me. maybe to that woman's hubby...
renee needs to shuuut up. i love how she thinks she's gonna 'win the war' even though i think to win any war you have to do more than roll your eyes all the time.
dionne and jael are my current faves. we'll see what happens.
love the recap man!! even though i totes take it as an invitation to reply with my own, somewhat less awesome, thoughts.

Sara said...

it is definitely an invitation to share your golden golden thoughts.

Sara said...

and good call on the trading spaces thang

ricky said...

i just noticed on this ep that brittany is from Savannah.

i guess we can't all be winners.