Thursday, March 29, 2007

SRC: Top 9!

After the quick recap of what went on during Tuesday's episode, Ryan gets down to business and starts to pick out the bottom 3. Phil is the first to get sent over, which i get ecstatic about. I didn't pick him to be there because i feel like he has a solid fan base, but i'm glad i was wrong. at this point, i figure then that chris richardson is safe. We move down and get to Sanjaya who is safe this week. So this means that he's not even in the bottom three. we're never going to get rid of him and Howard Stern and his cronies have effectively ruined this show. And allow me to rant about this for a few seconds because it really pisses me off. This isn't because i take the show too seriously because everyone knows that the singers that are talented and appealing to people will get their record deals and sell records and do wonderful things in life whether or not they win (jennifer hudson,katharine mcphee, chris daughtry, clay aiken, etc), but this is something that a large amount of the american television viewing audience enjoys and this whole vote for the worst crap is like the bully on the playground that hates himself and therefore doesn't want other people to have fun. and this kid. this poor 17 year old kid is the national punchline in this. he's the target for a nation full of jaded dudes and he doesn't know any better so he thinks he's doing great and really it's just everyone in the country is making fun of him to his face. he's gonna be some sort of drug addict in two years time if this keeps going on. it's like, if you hate the show and everything it stands for then just don't watch it. you don't have to try and destroy it and this poor kid's soul with it. especially because every week that boy is still there, i hate him more. and that's just irrational.

ok, enough of that. so, we move to haley and she's in the bottom three. and before we find out who rounds out the bottom 3, gwen stefani performs with akon. i heart gwen stefani and i love that akon showed up to do the "woos". we come back and it's down to sligh and gina. and i cross my fingers for my girl, especially because she did wonderfully last night. fortunately, sligh is the last in the bottom. They save phil (yet again) and send him back to the group, so it's between sligh and haley. i know neither will win, but i cross my fingers that haley will stick around at least another week. Sligh gets sent home and he's the first of the bottom 12 who actually has enough time to sing us out. which is unfortunate because tonight he's even worse than the performance show.

oh and can i just say that the arrangement and singing for those stupid ford commercials that everyone hates (but the idols are required to do) come off as though they are sung by and for the Kidz Bop crowd.

Next week: Tony Bennett (i think) and some cheesy songs i bet.

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