Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SPRING Reality Corner Debut!!!! Top 11: Performances

This week, I'm going to type up my notes just as I wrote them. No amendments, no introductions or segues.

Woah, ppl got HAIR-cuts!

forgetting lyrics last week -- ooh. ouch on brandon. wait, who?

Theme this week: British Invasion. Guests: Peter Noone (Herman's Hermits) for boys, Lulu for girls. I want to be best friends with this Lulu.

HALEY: Tell Him is one of my fave songs. Don't ruin it, Scarnato. Woah. Haley forgot her pants and brought her stripper shoes. That'll get her votes.

CHRIS R: Peter Noone hates Chris. Da-yum. I don't like this "moustache" he's "growing". He reminds me of the cheshire cat with it. Paula wants to fuck him. Amen. ...Ryan does too.

STEPHANIE: This could be amayzing. ...but it wasn't. What's happenin', Savannah?

--something weird happens here with ryan and a phone and a weird yelp.

BLAKE: Peter Noone looks like a small guy wearing a big mascot head and shoulder pads. I love this song. The only thing that bothers me about Blake is the way he moves his mouth when he sings. ps why did the sign saying 'blake is great' get featured? BORING.

--Ryan dances and sings. awk-ward. and then asks blake who his daddy is.

LAKISHA: I wish LaKisha had listened to Lulu. She'll be fine though.

NOSPHILATU: meh. he has a good voice but he makes me uncomfortable.

JORDIN: Yeah, ok she did great. she still seems annoying.

--ugh, in Sanjaya's tease, he does a lot of weird stuff with his tongue that I think is actually supposed to be "wild"

SANJAYA: Oh, this is gonna be terrible. Oh god no. What is he wearing? What is he doing? Some girl in the audience is crying. I'm crying too. ps she's been crying the entire show. nobody discusses how bad this is. poor kid.

GINA: Yes. I like this one. But ouch on simon. that could hurt her chances.

CHRIS S: I wish he looked different. I'm shallow.

MELINDA: Melinda. My girl. And crying audience girl is still crying. I think she might be hurt.

My guess for the bottom 3: Phil, Sanjaya, and Stephanie. Though I'm nervous for Gina. I refuse to attempt to guess who gets booted for as long as sanjaya is still there. it's really throwing things off.

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ricky said...

i just want to share my favorite 2 moments:
1) the melinda gleep (it just made her more human)

2) sanjaya's leg lift as he shook hands with Guy Brit. i don't know if you know or not, but it doesn't get much gayer than that