Friday, March 02, 2007


a lotta stupid/hilarious things happened in these two hours, and i wish i had time to cover it all, but for now, we'll just do a general rundown of the girls...Oh also, i don't know all their names yet and i don't feel like looking them up, so I'll refer to them by affectionate nicknames for now...

Dummy - (kathleen i think...i'll never know her name for sure because she was kicked off) She was so dumb that it was trying, but it was such an innocent stupidity that it was kind of endearing and lovable. She really would've been a wealth of entertainment throughout the show if she stayed on. I've gotten hours of entertainment out of: judges: "We don't think you really understood the concept of the shoot." Kathleen: "I know, right?"

Russian Mail Order Bride - AMAZING that there is a mail order bride on top model. She's pretty but i think she needs some sunsilk hairapy

Jaslene - Welcome back, last year's trantastic latina. she's better looking this year but grossly skinny

Jael - i'm interested in seeing what she can do with her photos..i think she can probably do really well

Brows - She has great potential, i'm just waiting for the makeover episode to clean up those brows

Cassandra..? - Fugalicious definition make those boys go running. seriously, fug. like, no excuse, no escape fug. not even fashion fug.

2 Plus Size gals - awesome that there are two, but the plus size contestants never have a chance. i dare tyra to prove me wrong.

Sarah - i'm done with this self-righteous know it all.

Renee - In my opinion, one of the prettiest girls. Also, the most annoying and bitchy. i'm upset because i thought she'd represent hawaii, but now she's just shaming us.

Deana - i like her, but have no point of reference for her. at this point, i probably couldn't even pick her out of a lineup.

Soccer Mom - looks like a mixture of the worst parts of cameron diaz and sandra bernhardt

tyra jr - very pretty. her hair and brows can't wait for the makeover episode.

So there's the brief rundown of the potential 'models', soon i'll get a little more in depth- feel free to leave your thoughts about the episode in the comments!!


christine said...

so god bless whatever they're calling upn these days because they showed it again so now i'm all caught up. my initial fave was tattoo girl (she's real purty) but she didn't even make the top 20, so there goes that dream. i'm also mad at tyra because she smacktalked forever 21 and also i think i might like to never see her dance again.
but so i had read your post before watching the rerun and when brows came on screen i knew just who you meant.
i don't have a favorite yet but i was surprised they let sassypants go home. cuz she wouldn't have minded fur as long as it came from an animal who had died of natural causes. in the jungle.

Sara said...

stiney - you'll know what i'm talking bout...don't you think tattoo girl was reminiscent of bif naked? i'm really excited that you will be an active participant in reality makes it even more fun when there is interaction

ricky said...

there were so many wonderful things to happen on this show, which is great b/c last season blew so hard.

i am also upset about the departure of kathleen, because of all the lost pearls of wisdom that she could've bestowed.

p.s.they don't even have toilet paper in Russia, let alone leave-in conditioner!!