Wednesday, March 14, 2007

HAPPY 200!!

It's our 200th post!!! Hooray for everyone!! In celebration of our 200th post, I'd like to let everyone know that we've now gone through and labeled all the posts so, for example, if you want to see all the "reality corner" posts that there have ever been, click on 'reality corner'. if you want to see everyone who has been inducted into the coolfacelets, click on 'coolface fam'. if you want to remind yourself of the wonderful A. Rock, click on "a. rock". I LOVE ORGANIZATION!!!

Secondly, I saw on the news last night that Queens is looking for a new poet laureate. I'd like to take this opportunity to nominate our very own Becca Jones. Becca lives in Queens and comes from a long line of poets. Just check out this pedigree!!!

1 comment:

Becca said...

200 posts, yet we have still managed to say nothing!!

p.s. - i have submitted my father's brilliant poem from many moons ago for consideration as the poet laureate of ambler, pa. i think he has a chance! fingers crossed!

p.p.s - even if i don't become the poet laureate of queens, it was just an honor to be recommended to be nominated by sara.