Friday, February 23, 2007

Winter Reality Corner: first elimination

Hooray for my 50% accuracy rate! I was correct about Amy and Rudy getting the boot. The other two to go were Nicole Tranquilo (not a big surprise, but thought she would've lasted at least one more week) and Paul Kim (i bet you anything it was the bare feet that did it). Well, good for paul because now he can change his goddamn underwear. Something else notable was after Fantasia's performance Ryan pointed out that Quincy Jones was in the audience because he's a producer of the color purple, which fantasia will start performing in. Here's how the exchange went:

Ryan: And in the audience, one of the producers, Quincy Jones
Quincy (waves): The Color Purple is--(sees ryan not paying attention) The Color Purple...
Ryan: Thanks Fantasia! We'll be right back!!

I felt really sad for quincy jones bcs he just wanted to talk about his play. but then i also felt that maybe they shouldn't have mic'd him in the first place if they didn't want him to talk. just sayin

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