Thursday, March 22, 2007

SRC: Top 10

This week, Ryan told the kids in groups of three if they made up the bottom. Peter Noone performed and something that i thought was pretty amazing was when Ryan was introducing him, there was footage of Noone on the huge screen in the background that made him look like he is mildly retarded. it was him gaily clapping and doing hand movements, clearly in some sort of session with someone, but it was all very weird how it was placed and muted and in slo mo. Lulu performed one of my fave songs (to sir with love) and she's a little spitfire, isn't she? ryan went through three groups of three, telling them they were all safe. the last group of three consisted of Sanjaya, Gina, and Haley ..and i guarantee that was the idol producers wanting to trick america into thinking that was the bottom three since that's probably what everyone was guessing. i was onto them though, and as the three of them stood awaiting their fate, i frantically searched the group to see who hadn't stood, because by my count, two people hadn't been called and they definitely had to be in the bottom. I knew stephanie was one of them (and although it was sad, it wasn't much of a surprise for me). I couldn't figure out who the second person would be until ryan told him to stand up --- and america, what the fuck was chris richardson doing in the bottom two?!?!?!??! we need to rethink our priorities, assassinate anyone associated with votefortheworst, and get rid of the crying girl from the performance show who gives sanjaya the belief that he has fans and talent. because this season is gonna be the worst if we let the pranksters take over.

ps. stephanie went home this week.

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