Wednesday, March 28, 2007

SRC: Top 10 Performances!!!

Sorry this is a little late today, i had some issues with my vcr last night and thus work has gotten in the way of my youtube viewing. heeeere we gooooo--

LAKISHA - Every time someone sings "Last Dance" on this show, they go home the next day... (see Ryan Starr, Brenna Gethers)... but Lakisha is pretty untouchable right now, and she is separated from those aforementioned two by the enormous amount of talent she possesses.

CHRIS SLIGH - I appreciate sarcasm and dry humor as much as the next guy, but Chris...maybe overdoes it. I'm growing tired of him for many reasons. Including his Pat-like hair.

GINA - I think this was a great week vocally for Gina and I continue to be a fan.

SANJAYA - I love how Gwen Stefani was all "this song is hard...Sanjaya luck with that." Man, I would not want to be hated by Gwen Stefani..and then proceed to ruin one of her songs. Sanjaya has a stupid pony'hawk. Ugh. Please just go.

HALEY - She's gorgeous, she's got a good voice, and she knows how to work those getaway sticks of hers...but she was a little boring this week.

NOSPHILATU - I swear to god Phil gets more and more eye makeup each week. He'd make a pretty lady. Regardless, he still creeps me out.

MELINDA - she's so damn cute and wonderful and i love her.

BLAKE - I was kind of bored during this performance but he looked so adorable!

JORDIN - I think Jordin is what Ugly Betty would look like after a makeover (not that america ferrera isn't a beautiful girl). I understand that she has a good voice, I personally am not a big fan of her singing style. And there's just something about her that's not winning me over.

CHRIS R - M'boy better not be in the bottom again. >:(

my guess for tonight's bottom three are Sanjaya, Chris Sligh, and Haley. If this crazy Sanjaya thing keeps going on, Chris R could be in the bottom as well.

anyone want to add anything??


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