Tuesday, April 03, 2007

and now, in non reality tv news...

I was at the pharmacy this morning picking up some magic drugs and there was a bit of a wait because the woman that was being helped was having problems with her insurance...at the time I arrived, i would guess by the exasperation on the pharmacist's face (as well as the faces of his assistants) that she had probably been there about 10 - 15 minutes already. one of the assistants tried to help me at the same time that this woman's problem was being addressed, but it seemed too overwhelming a thing for her to handle...so she told me it would be about a 10 minute wait. During these ten minutes, the pharmacist figured out a way for her insurance to go through. He proudly announced this to her and then said "but it's gonna cost the same..." With my detective skillz, i assumed he meant that it was going to cost the same amount they were going to originally charge her before this whole insurance fiasco. He then told her that she had a deductible, to which she responded "Deductible?! i don't have a deductible!" Calm Pharmacist says "It went through and this is what they told me" and then he showed her the cost of the medicine. She said something like 'That's what it costs for five pills?! How much will it cost when i need more?!" Exasperated Pharmacist shrugged and walked away to fill the prescription. Disgruntled lady then says to herself "That's no deductible" turns back to her cell phone (she's been on hold with her insurance company), quietly says "okay thanks", and then just slowly sidles away while the backs of all three pharmacy employees are turned. They don't realize she's left until about 2 minutes later, when assistant number one turns to say "can i have that --- UNbelievable!"


ricky said...

more like unbe-WEAVE-able!


christine! said...

i can't decide if this is the worst woman ever or a bit of a folk hero.

that being said oh do i feel that pharmacist's pain. oh do i feel it. working with people who want medical care (and want it for affordable amounts of cash money or none, as if this were canada or some shit!) is rewarding and towards the greater good. yes, yes. yes it is.