Thursday, July 31, 2008

SRC: SYTYCD - cat rules

i think i wanna marry cat deeley.

really, she had me at hello, but specifically this season (i only watched about four episodes of this show previous to this season) she's really been quite the charmer. at first i was impressed at how willing she was to go down on her knees, (get your mind outta the gutter) whether it be to give a full on worship to one of the dancers, or to help another get her little toe back in her shoe, she never hesitated to drop down. ryan seacrest would NEVER go anywhere near the ground, and he doesn't even have the 86 inch legs and the 4 inch heels this lady sports. it's a long way down from where she is.

and then yesterday! my heart burst anew after twitch performed his solo with his fake glasses and grillz, and cat insisted he hand over the props (spit and all) so she could have a try. who does that?!? amazing people, that's who.

and today! some little 6 year old came onstage to buff the floor (or breakdance). after his performance, she called him over for a short interview. i thought to myself, oh, she's so thoughtful, she'll probably just crouch down, because he comes up to her ankles. but NO!!! she didn't crouch down! crouching down is for people that are not amazing. she actually lifted this boy up and carried him as they talked. IN FOUR INCH HEELS!

screencap from [BWE]

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