Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Good Shepherd

After about a month and a half of neglecting The Good Shepherd, i finally decided to remove it from its coffee table home and watch the damn thing. i was waiting it out because i knew i probably had to be in a certain mood to watch it, and when that mood never came, i just bit the bullet. (i can't bring myself to send something back without watching it, just as i can't bring myself to walk out of a theater or turn off a movie that's terrible if i've been watching it from the beginning.) Normally, i watch my netflixed movies in my living room, and my netflixed tv shows in my bedroom. this is usually because i will watch something in bed to fall asleep to, and i'd rather it be something in shorter installments that i can watch piece by piece, instead of cutting a movie up into several portions. however, this was a special circumstance, and i was willing to watch the good shepherd in parts.

the first three nights, i only lasted about 30 minutes before falling asleep. i glanced at the sleeve of the disc and saw "2 hr 20 min" so figured i should step my game up. the next night i was able to watch about 45 mins, but when i glanced at the timecode, and it seemed nowhere near an end, i again checked the disc sleeve. Oh. 2 hours and 48 minutes. that's different.

i finally finished this flick last night and after 2 hours and 58 minutes of my life (i fell asleep the last ten minutes, and rewound to rewatch. unnecessary.), i cannot tell you what happened in that movie. i can tell you both matt damon and robert deniro were in it. angelina jolie was also in it. i know that angelina jolie attacks matt damon like a horny butterfly (?) and he learns that encounter impregnated her whilst macking on another girl. i also know that kid grew up in what seemed to be a parallel universe, because all of a sudden he was like 20, but angelina jolie and matt damon were still the same. i have no idea what the plot of the movie was, and i only know it had to do with the cia from stuff i read about it. i probably shouldn't have watched it in parts, but it also probably shouldn't have been 2 hrs and 48 minutes. nothing justified that. so yeah, aside from that, i either should have paid more attention, or robert deniro should've made a more interesting movie.

has anyone else seen it? were you actually paying attention? can you tell me what happened?

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