Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Time again for a Genius Trump Quote!

just came across this item on my google reader, from WireImage via mollygood

Donald Trump Opens His Mouth Again

Donald Trump always likes a good feud, especially when the matter at hand has absolutely nothing to do with him. His latest victim is Anne Hathaway, who we imagine has enough to deal with at the moment. Evidently Donald is offended by Anne’s lack of loyalty to con artist Raffaello Follieri (who spent the majority of his weasel-y time holed up in Trump Towers), and he’s telling everyone about it:

"She hasn’t remained very loyal to him, has she? So when he had plenty of money, she liked him, but then after that, not as good, right?"

Well, you would know all about women only liking men for money, wouldn’t you, Donald?

umm, didn't she stick by him through several arrests, and the most recent dumpage happened right before his latest and biggest arrest? also, he's a total loser...and i'm sure she has a fair amount of money on her own, this isn't your typical gold digger situation that trump himself gets into time and time again. and lastly, how is this any of his business. (or mine for that matter)

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