Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ticks on a plane!!

i opened up my google reader today to my cnn page and was greeted with the following headline:

"Ticks on a plane delay flight for six hours"

my first instinct was to add it to my shared items with the comment "Get these muthafuckin' ticks OFF MY MUTHAFUCKIN' PLANE!!"

my second instinct was to go ahead and read the story. basically, a passenger found a tick, so they emptied the plane and brought another for the flight (hence the six hour delay), and cleaned the plane of ticks.

my third instinct was to post my favorite part of the article, which is this:

"United spokeswoman Robin Urbanski said between one and three ticks were discovered."

i don't know if it's the massive amount of logic puzzles i've been completing during my time of unemployment, priming my brain for such quandaries as this, but if i were to venture a guess, i would say they found two ticks.

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Anonymous said...

Check out the "Ticks on a Plane" video on You Tube