Monday, July 21, 2008

tried to make me go to rehab

after about five months of sitting out the jump rope rounds in boxing class, refraining from any sort of running or jogging, wearing a boot, writing a rap, making a video about it, and countless hours of physical therapy and doctor appointments, i had my last physical therapy appointment this morning. (at least let's hope my leg continues to heal and i don't have to go's still not at 100%, but it's pretty durn close). my awesome PT (who insisted i show him boot balance) and i decided that because i no longer want to curl up and die when he deep massages my leg, and because i've gone almost a full week without it bugging, i'm on the right track and can continue strengthening exercises on my own. as a parting gift, he gave me a spear center tshirt, which was a pleasant surprise, especially considering i LOVE FREE TSHIRTS!

i was riding the train home with the shirt folded up in my lap when i looked down and saw the design...or rather, the part of the design that was visible: in a circle around the logo, the words "Rehab. Relief. Recharge." Now, I know that the spear center is a physical therapy place, but i wonder if anyone on the train saw my shirt and thought maybe i was just released from betty ford.

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