Friday, July 11, 2008

Subway Spotlight: Sleepy Sebastian

I boarded a train recently that was not too packed, but had a decent amount of people on it. The first thing I saw before the doors even opened was an entire row of seemingly empty seats. This was pretty exciting for me because something that i always do before the train doors open is scope out any available seats, mentally note the distance i am to each one as well as how many people might challenge me to those seats, and what said people's chances of beating me are. A complete row of seats eases the pressure of subway seat hunting.

The doors open, and I immediately head to the empty row. I am caught off guard by a man sleeping on all that empty space (approximately five seats). I quickly scan the area (i had not prepared a plan b, since plans a through e were that "empty row" of seats) , spot an empty seat, and take it as my own.

As we're riding, I see the amount of people that have to stand now because sleepy sebastian is resting his head here. They seem annoyed. I start getting annoyed for them, because if it weren't for my fine-tuned seat scoring skillz, i too would be standing. but then i thought of poor Esmin Green who died and was ignored. (:() So then i watched sleepy sebastian long enough to make sure he was breathing, which he was, and then continued to be annoyed at him on behalf of other people.


Sarah said...

i'm too much of a rockstar to comment on the post which included a shout out to me, but i wanted to say thank you, so i decided to say as much in a post that did not have a shout out to me. so, thank you, sara, for including me, the rockstar, in your shout-out to all sara(h)'s, rock or not.
i'm conflicted about sleepy sebastian...i just don't think it's fair that someone should take up that many seats, but then it's not really fair that he can't be sleeping in his own bed, is it? i'm also conflicted bc when i read the title of the post, i got really excited because i thought it was going to be about the never ending story. maybe you could write about that, next time you write about a sebastian that is.

Sara said...

i feel so lucky to have a rock star actually comment on the blog! i've been getting a lot of neverending story signals recently, so maybe it is all leading to a NES post. NES being neverending story. or nintendo entertainment system. we'll see.