Saturday, July 26, 2008

dorothy and the blizzard of ahhhhhhhs

Recently, on That's My JAM!!!:

- Horny Sally makes a triumphant return

- everyone feels the same way about Katy Perry

- three hours of my life, down the drain

- need some awesome roller derby names?

- my token, let me show you it

- a little projrun reality corner

- so, a guy named el paso walks into a bar...

- kazoo chugs past a thousand

- just be glad your name isn't number 16 bus stop, because it seriously could be.

- becca returns with a a subway spotlight that's quite the puzzler. (heyo)

- me and lost are so tight!

check 'em out if you missed 'em! and leave comments! this is a lot more fun to do when we know people are reading...

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