Wednesday, July 02, 2008

SRC: TT S2 Prod. Meeting

Tila Tequila Season 2 Planning Meeting

Goals :

- a girl must win (or else the world won't believe tila is actually bisexual*)

- winner must have a good chance of 'breaking tila's heart' to bring us to season 3


Thoughts? Ideas?

- Find a girl that has never been in a relationship with a girl nor been in love with a girl, but has hooked up with a girl. This way, Tila won't feel too icky choosing her.

- Tell girl to call herself bisexual (must perpetuate the 'waffling' stereotype that shows that bisexuals are really just in an eternal limbo of not knowing what they want)

- Ensure chosen one makes it to the end, despite any chemistry or lack thereof

- Ensure Tila chooses waffling girl instead of boy that is head over heels in love with her...proceed with this plan even if the girl makes it obvious that she is actually not really into girls that way and is freaking out about the possibility of 'winning'



Excuse for dumpage this season must be LESS AMBIGUOUS than last. Audience may grow suspicious if we head into season three with tila repeating that her heart was broken, even though there are conflicting reports saying the season 1 winner never heard from tila again. IDEA--- SHOW REJECTION ONSCREEN??? RATINGS GOLD!!!!

*which she isn't

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Anonymous said...

Wow. It's like you have ESPN. No wonder Kristy was so jubilant and cocky at the reunion show . . .