Thursday, July 03, 2008

SRC: Summer TV Extravaganza

we haven't talked much about tv recently, so let's get it all out there. in the absence of the fantastic summer program, Kid Nation, what is everyone watching to pass the time? i am watching:

Shear Genius - Bravo's haircutting reality show started up again a couple of weeks ago and i forgot how much i missed it. the very first challenge, the contestants had to cut hair blindfolded. how can you not want to see that!? there's also a contestant named Oshun (pronounced 'ocean') who said at least 5 times in the first 10 minutes that he's "deep, like an ocean'.

Project Runway 5 - the last season before it heads to Lifetime (i think) starts off July 16. It's weird to have two project runways in one year, but there isn't a lot of stuff competing for attention.

American Gladiators - i love this show and only a little bit ironically

I Survived a Japanese Gameshow! - i initially dismissed this show because i thought it was going to be like that other MXC ripoff sans hilarious dubbing (wipeout i think it's called)...i thought every week a new group of silly americans would try out crazy japanese takeshi's castle-like games. what it really is is a season long challenge with the same, unchanging group of silly americans. each week, they compete on the same japanese show, and whichever team loses has to choose two of their own to go against each other at elimination. i missed the first episode, but the challenge in the second was called "Crazy Crane Finds Fluffy Bear" -- one team member was hoisted in the air like a crane from those grabber machines with large crane arms, while the others operated the controls of the crane. amazing. also, when a contestant gets eliminated, a door opens and a gaggle of japanese men in suits and sunglasses run after the contestant, hoist him/her up in the air, and carry him/her off stage, all while the audience is singing the Sayonara song. as i said, amazing.

so you think you can dance - tonight will take us down to 6 couples, which means its time to get serious. and how can you resist cat deely? you can't!!!

celebrity family feud - i love family feud, celebrities or love of celebrity family feud was recently renewed when watching some old school richard dawson celeb family feud eps with a dear friend of mine, and even though the dawson creeped me out with his affection for the female celebs (and one innocent little boy), at least he wasn't as nerdy as al roker is. seriously, you should've seen the dude when the playmates from The Girls next Door were on. oh also, they don't use last names for the families, instead they are "The Dog the Bounty Hunters" and "The Raven Symones" and "The Ice-Ts"

a non reality show that i'm really getting into is Swingtown. I don't know if it's the show that grabs me, or the fantastic Molly Parker ( Alma Garrett from Deadwood), but i look forward to it every week.

so that's what i've got going on for summer fun. do you guys have anything else you're watching that we should know about?

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