Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bus to Philly Spotlight!

i have been taking inter-city buses every weekend for the past month. it has had it's ups and downs, but it's by far the cheapest way to get from nyc to dc and philly. anyway, last weekend i took the bus back home to philadelphia because i was attending a friend's wedding. the bus was full as usual for a friday night.

i got the window seat, and as other passengers boarded the bus i prayed to myself - please don't let a lunatic sit next me. my prayers went unanswered. here is why:

  • the guy who sat next to me poked me in the ribs at least 30 times with his elbow while trying to remove his laptop from his large bag - i can forgive this b/c i'm sure i have done this before.
  • however once he realized that the free wifi on the bus wasn't working - he first sighed really loudly repeatedly and then said to nobody in particular (maybe his computer?) - "FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT"......i kept thinking, please don't punch me.
  • he was drinking a large diet coke throught the beginning of the ride - and then when he was done let it fall on the floor and roll over my feet for the rest of the ride (even though he had a large paper trader joes bag with him that he could have easily stowed it in...oh and there ARE trashcans on the bus)
  • this was my favorite part of the ride: he starts listening to his ipod - let me preface this by saying that the bus was completely quiet. not sure what the hell he was listening to, but i'm going to venture to say that it was some sort of comedy show because he'd randomly laugh really loudly from time to time. at first i thought - is this guy laughing at me? but then he continued to laugh, and when his comedy program reached it's height of hilarity (or so i surmised) he let out the longest/loudest/most annoying laugh i have ever heard.
  • and then i murdered him.....actually this part didn't happen. i really did want to tell him the shut the fuck up, but i'm glad i didn't because it turned out at the end of the ride that i knew the girl sitting in front of me and it would have made her think that i too was insane.

in other tragic news - scrabulous has finally been disabled on facebook. millions of young office workers now have to find a new distraction to focus on instead of work.

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