Saturday, August 02, 2008

HOLY S%&$*

whoa. i sort of want to apologize now about making that joke about murdering the guy sitting next to me on that bus the other day! seriously, the same day that i made that post about my annoying bus buddy, there was news of a deranged maniac who beheaded the man sitting next to him on a greyhound bus in canada and then calmly walked to the front of the bus displaying the head. after doing so much bus travel lately, this news sort of makes me want to pay the fucking $600 a gallon to drive my car. i really wish i had the balls to make a joke about it, but beheadings freak me out so much that i just don't think i can do it! this is probably the least funny post i have ever written.

the story (but only readi it if you aren't currently eating)


Sara said...

ugh. i saw this story and could not even form thoughts about it, it freaked me out so much. especially when i saw how young the victim was. :\

Becca said...

i know. poor guy. apparently he was just minding his own business - sleeping and listening to headphones! (not that anything would warrant what happened to him). anyway, how tragic.