Monday, July 28, 2008

pizza forevers

not counting the one saturday i worked a couple weeks ago, i've been unemployed for about a month and a half now. i feel like, for the most part, i've always had iffy summers when it comes to working (it wasn't as noticeable to me last year because i was preoccupied with moving). i am keeping all sorts of inspirational quotes in mind , especially since finding out that my beloved boxing teacher is moving away [NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!] and even though he was trying to squirrel away as much money as possible to prepare for his trip back to kansas to go back to school, he got into a car accident and his car was totalled. (just keep swimming. just keep swimming.) but now is the time that i have to squeeze the ol' purse strings in fear that a streak like this will keep up. (this slump marks the first time since i graduated from college that i've actively had to search for a job). an example of this came last weekend, when i was struck with what i believed was a brilliant idea.

my groceries have dwindled to a package with three slices of turkey bacon, one egg, butter, and half a jar of vodka sauce, and there i was on friday, hungry and not willing to go to the grocery store. an outing like that requires much preparation and i just wasn't ready. unfortunately, though i love my neighborhood, there are not a lot of food delivery options, and i'd already ordered from my go to thai place earlier in the week. i remembered a pizza menu i got recently, saw that they accepted credit cards, and began to hatch my plan: i would get an $11 pizza, a $4.50 salad, and a $1.00 order of garlic knots to not only meet the credit card requirement of $15.00, but also ensure that this delivery would feed me for 4 to 5 meals. 5 meals for around $17...genius, right?!?!?

so, they are out of garlic knots, but i'm ok with that. the delivery guy comes with my credit receipt for $26. unexpected. i see in their breakdown that the menu i had must've been really old. the pizza was actually $16, the salad almost double at $8. still, for 5 meals, not a bad price. i take a about three dollars worth of bites of the salad before i decide it was not delicious and cut my losses. it's ok, i can still make plenty of meals out of this. genius.

NOT GENIUS. what i forgot to take into consideration is that i would then be eating fucking pizza for every single meal for the next like three days. ugh. things did perk up a little when i stopped reheating in the microwave and instead went for the oven. (loads better)

i am eating the last piece now as i prepare a shopping list for the grocery store. aside from the burrito i ate for lunch yesterday, i've had pizza for every meal since friday night. i never want to see pizza again. learn from my mistakes. just go to the damn grocery store.

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