Saturday, July 26, 2008

camp erdman

there are a lot of locations used on Lost that i have ties to because, well, they shoot on my home island. a scene that had jin in korea was actually the valley of the temples, a place my mom, brother, and i stop at yearly on our 'round the island drives. but i just recently found out that all the Camp Locke scenes are shot at Camp Erdman, aka the place where my 6th grade class went for a week to learn archery, take hikes, sing around the campfire, and other camply stuff. Camp Erdman was also the site for my many band camp trips. yeah, go ahead and make fun. but when my friends caked me on my 15th birthday in the middle of all the cabins, little did i know it would be similar to when those boaties caked camp locke. and by "caked" i mean "opened fire on".

i only mean that for the second caked. my friends didn't open fire on me.

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