Thursday, July 10, 2008

sarah martina

a couple of nights ago, i went to see one of my favorite movies (wet hot american summer) at mccarren park pool. (it's gotta be good if it takes me to greenpoint, am i right? am i right? those of you that live in greenpoint...don't answer.) As i headed to the pool to meet a special group of ladies, one of whom is rockstar Sarah Fullen of Sarah Fullen and the Stanleys, i passed two girls greeting each other. Apparently, one was named Sarah* (though not the sarah of Sarah Fullen and the Stanleys) and the other named Martina. So, to paint a clearer picture, as I walked toward a drained pool in a foreign land, i hear to my left:

martina: "Sarah!"
sarah: "Martina!"

for a girl that likes to avoid any unplanned encounters, this was disconcerting. however, i quickly realized what was going on, and went on my way.

*i just know she had an h

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