Saturday, July 12, 2008

she's a lady

a recent photo comment thread on my *coughcough* facebook page has reminded me of one of my favorite things that i've done in conjunction with recent CtS inductee, bill_t. When we first did this, it was more as an extension of a running joke that had been happening at our live daily interstitial show offices, which is why I don't think i ever really made a big deal about it. but now that i've been removed from that for a while, and after a recent rediscovery of her in late january and again this week with that aforementioned comment thread, i'm pretty sure that this is something that's actually funny, and not just within the confines of our cubicles.

Horny Sally is a girl we met who was down on her luck. we took her in, exchanged some life lessons and companionship for sexual favors, and then made her a myspace page. i think you should all peruse it if you're bored...i'm not one to toot mine own horn, but i'm pretty sure bill and i came up with some pretty genius details on that page.

you should befriend her if you haven't already! she is definitely a cool chick to know. and she's a slut.

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