Sunday, May 11, 2008

SRC: ANTM - Out with the Loon!

The final four get themselves worked up at how close yet how far they are. anya is all "i got these bitches beat" (she does) and the other three are all "eeeee". after the girls come home to see saleisha has vandalized the place with large pictures of herself, dominique says she's the saleisha of this cycle and then cackles like a loon. i'm not sure how exactly she means that comparison, but i assure you, she is wrong. Fatima is surprised Dominique has made it this far. I am surprised that Fatima has made it this far. the girls talk about dominique behind her back and we find out she's also psycho in the area of candy. she really is like a little child. i mean, i keep forgetting she's 23 because she really does look much older, but adding the childlike behavior to that already confusing factor really messes me up.

the girls are taken to paulina to learn about how things are behind the camera. they take pictures of each other. clothed. ah fuck, shoket is back. ugh. go DO YOUR JOB. each girl gets five minutes to shoot a real model. they said real model...burn! winner gets fifty extra frames. paulina is their real model. cool. i'm really loving me some paulie. ugh - fatima does well. dominique does crazy, whitney does aight and anya gets all wacky and creative. fatima wins the challenge. blerg.

photo shoot - night shoot as movie stars from the 50's with hunks on their arm and paparazzi at their feet. nigel is their photographer and comes gaily bounding down the stairs.

anya comes out looking like old school madonna. she strugges with the concept at first, but when jay realizes that if he distracts her while nigel takes the pic, the pictures come out glorious. fats comes out and like, every word she says grates on me. awesomely, she does terrible. she gets to review the bad pics before her bonus fifty frames, but still does bad. whitney comes out and nigel elevator eyes her like she's a deliciously seasoned side of beef. whitney had a slow start and is still doing the fake thing. dominique is all blefahharggjiow&*#(@!. this guy playing the paparazzo is killing me! he's got two moves-- angle left, angle right. dominique didn't do well at all. jay doesn't think anyone did.

Panel: Ann Noseket is the guest judge.
anya's picture is awesome. whitney has a beautiful picture but she didn't quite get the concept. dominique gets her clothes in panel dissed for the second week in a row. i kind of feel sorry for her because i feel like she's just this crazy trapped in her own mind without any real sense of how the real world functions. but like, she also has a kid and is responsible for another person's life. tyra tries to walk her through fixing it, but its way more difficult of a process than it should've been. woah..dominique's picture is way harsh. and apparently it was the softest frame she had. paulina calls her a beautiful tranny. ouch. they do an exercise on how to soften her look that i really hope Rich covers because it's too hilarious. hard to describe in words but a gif would be just fine. fatima's pic is alright, but also doesn't fit with the concept.

woah! whitney is covergirl of the week.

shoket says 'glamour' while making mr. burns hands. what a creep. shoket, not burns.

anya is called first. whitney next! first plus in the top three, alright! dominique and fatima are fug to fug. fatima had extra frames but still sucked, doesn't listen and is fug. domique has taken steps backward. fuck, fatima is safe. for now....

aww, so long crazy dominique!! you were like no one else, sir.

so our final three are a size 10, a size zero, and the winner. see ya next week!

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