Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Support the Elderly

Because of how far out in the BK i live, the train is usually pretty empty in the mornings and i have no trouble finding a seat. Today however, as I clumsily lumbered down the steps and saw that the platform was more populated than normal, i assumed that the train was running late, and it would come filled with more passengers than usual. The train showed up, and I was correct...all seats were already taken. i sadly made my way over to a pole and held on. about a minute later, i felt a tap on my arm and looked over to someone offering me their seat. how sweet! only catch? it was an OLD LADY! i know my place on the subway seat ladder, and i come below old people. I thanked her but no thanked her because i wasn't gonna take a seat from an older woman. She insisted, and so i sat down.

Every stop that she stood and no seats emptied up for her made me feel guiltier and guiltier. it actually wasn't too bad because she seemed like a pretty sturdy and active older lady. she wasn't really that old at all, and she was sporting her mom jeans, running shoes and trisonic earphones attached to what looked like boombox under her zip up sweater but was probably just a fanny pack. she was a granny on the go...or actually she kind of looked more like a lesbian great aunt. i still felt bad...there were 9 other people sitting in the area i was standing in, 7 who weren't elderly, and the person that jumped to her feet to give this cripple a seat was a kind old lady?! does no one else feel the shame i do when i don't notice a pregnant woman or old lady standing quick enough to be the first to offer her my seat??

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