Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why Slutfire Exists

(I was going to write a post for this, but I already had to copy and paste this email once to send from different email addresses, so I'll just paste it again here because i'm laaaazzyyyy)

listen, i try to stay away from the shameless self promotion, especially in mass email form, however, it's one of those necessary times. this is the short film, kazoo, that i helped to make two summers took a little while to edit, but it has finally hit the internetz, so i thought i'd share it with you guys, my friends, for the following can choose whichever reason(s) you feel best applies to you personally:

- because you've been asking about when you'll see the final product

- because i respect what you think is funny

- because i think you're neat

- so you know that i didn't just run away to my friend's house in austin to play around all day, mom (this one is really only for my mom)

- i like trying to make you laugh

- because it was written and directed by the brilliant adrienne dawes

umm...that's all i can think of


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