Saturday, April 26, 2008

a formal apology

On thursday evening after work, a coworker had some of us over to her awesome apartment to play Rock Band. We got some wine and had a nice healthy group of about 11 rocking out. I'd never played the game before, but apparently was quite the talent when it came to drumming. A group of about five of us left around 9:30 so we could make it back to another coworker's apartment in time for Lost...and of course more wine. Needless to say, I was ...mmmalittle drunk by the time i got home. I did what i always do after getting home for the day -- planted myself in front of my computer for about an hour to comb through my google reader and any emails i may have gotten. Also, i noticed my friend Bill had left his IM on at work, so i thought it would be funny to send him a few ims that would greet him in the morning. Also, I remembered that my friend Liz had requested that I continue emailing her crazy/funny stuff I find in my daily internet travels, so i shot her two or three emails of stuff i came across and also informing her that i had just found out that i apparently ride skateboards with a goofy stance. i decided i was too tired at this point to watch tv, so i'd pop in a movie to watch as i ever so gently fell asleep. after about five minutes of the movie, i thought to myself 'self, you might be too drunk to watch a movie right did you get so drunk?...maybe you should just go to sleep.' I listened to myself and went to sleep.

The next morning, i woke up and then stood up to go to the bathroom and was all wobbly. As i prepared for the day i wondered to myself "self, why do you feel like shit today?" then i went over the night and put together what i had to quench my thirst the prior evening - a glass of champagne, two and a half glasses of white wine, a jello shot, a glass of red wine...and no dinner. woops. my day went on, and i discovered that i had not just im'd bill a few times or sent liz a couple emails. this is the drunken trail i left:

IM to Bill:
11:35:42 PM pudepaw: i am kinda drunk right now
11:35:51 PM pudepaw: so i think you'll enjoy getting htis mmessage in the mornign
11:36:02 PM pudepaw: after work toay, we went to jenn's house to play rock band
11:36:11 PM pudepaw: and i was AWESOME even though i'd never played before
11:36:18 PM pudepaw: awesome enough to consider a career in drums
11:36:28 PM pudepaw: does your internet band nnedd ? drusm
11:36:36 PM pudepaw: i've neerfer played real ones befroe
11:36:38 PM pudepaw: i'm drunk
11:36:42 PM pudepaw: talk to hyou aler!'
11:36:44 PM pudepaw: later!

I also found out that i had sent, like SIX emails to my friend Liz, decided it would be a great idea to type up my top model recap, commented on becca's handicapped signage post, played my turn in scrabulous and left a drunken typo-filled message there, and apparently put something about drumming in my myspace status (? i don't even remember what it said). So this post is just a formal apology to anyone who might've been affected by my rampage. These are all i can recall, if there is anything or anyone else i missed, i apologize. unless it was entertaining, in which case, you're welcome.


Becca said...

you are the most productive (yet sloppy) drunk ever.

christine said...

the conversation transcription is amazing. ESPESH because it sort of reads like the way one might type and spell out the slurred speech out of an intoxicated person's mouth. OUT LOUD! amazing.
also, you play scrabble pretty well for a drunk.
and here, here to becca's remark: you sure are productive whence drinking on an empty stomach.

Anonymous said...

That may have been the best morning IM surprise I've ever received. Congradulations on the creationg of the word "neerfer". I will neerfer stop using it.