Friday, May 23, 2008

500th POST

In honor of our 500th post, cooler than stupid decided to give back to our cooler than stupid family. We love to give of ourselves, we particularly enjoy giving in the form of dance.

So we invited the coolface fam to a virtual dance party. Sandy, Christine, Ricky, Natalie and Mercedes were all there and rocked out big time.

And now for some more big news. We would now like to welcome the newest members of the cooler than stupid family. Please join us in a round of applause for Bill and Adrienne!

P.S. - if anyone is in need of a graphic designer, please feel free to contact me.


christine ! said...

normally i'm not much of a dancer, but i can tell by the picture of me that i had So Much Fun!!! i mean, that is a killer leg move if i do say so myself.
i am honored, y'all. cheers to the prev 500 and here's to 500 more.

Ricky said...

HEY!!! sorry it took so long for me to show up.....i just woke up in a ditch in south carolina, that was a result of the dance party io had to attend before this.

thank you for the honor, how did you know i like to wear seafoam green hammer pants when I dance??

hey, who ate all the hors d'oerves?