Wednesday, May 21, 2008

SRC: PH2 - who puts the ho in hotel?

i just wanted to give a paradise hotel update here, mainly to say "CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SHOW IS STILL GOING ON?!?!!" i'm sure none of you knew that because i'm the only one that watches, but seriously i feel like this show started a year ago...there have probably been close to a thousand episodes and the best part is that in each episode, NOTHING HAPPENS! it's taken me this long to realize it...i mean i always knew that there was no real game in the show, people just make friends and enemies and call it strategy...but they've even stopped with the nightly theme dances (disco night, etc). The whole hour is just these guys hanging out! and they've stopped adding people so there is no new meat coming in! every other episode there's a pandora's box where they anonymously ask burning questions. the other exciting events that happen are roommate selection and elimination, but roommate selection has pretty much ceased. NOTHING HAPPENS! i actually think this week was the finale. it's a good thing i stopped recapping because as of last week i was five episodes behind. I'm down to three now i think, but as i mentioned, the contestants have picked their permanent roommates now. what else can happen? no one's really even hooking up! that's the whole point! this season is definitely not as fun as the first, many moons ago.

and to anyone who is curious or followed any of the previous recaps, the remaining six are Mike, Ryan, Zack (i wasn't recapping anymore when he came on, but this familiar face was a contestant on season 1), Stephanie, Tidisha, and Krista (the virgin made it!!!). really at this point i don't care who takes it.

more importantly, last year, my bff david got me to watch so you think you can dance. i'd never seen it before and joined when they had about 8 or so left. i loved it and am actually pretty excited for tonight's premiere, so i can see what this show is like from the start. will anyone else be watching?

(i don't know why i ask questions, you guys rarely answer.)


Ricky said...

what was the question?

Sara said...

if anyone was going to be watching so you think you can dance

Sara said...

and also who puts the ho in hotel?