Sunday, May 04, 2008

Tales of Underage Wooing

Aside from a few random drive-by pick up attempts (e.g. 'hey baby, looking good'), it has been a little while since there has been any wooing attempts to report about. However, I feel like May might be a little different, based on this story I'm about to tell as well as the two myspace messages i received this morning -- one from a guy i've never met or seen before asking me on a date, and another one proposing immediate marriage.

On the very first of may, kicking off my month of wooing, i was headed home from work. As i approached the entrance to the subway station, there was a pack of about 7 or 8 boys clogging the staircase, joking around and being young boys. I didn't really take any statistics at this point except that they were slightly rowdy. As I weaved through their group to try and pass their slow asses on the steps, i heard one of those boys make some comment. I was listening to my ipod, so i couldn't really hear what it was, but i had an inkling that it was about me. I didn't break free from their pack until the bottom of the steps, and at that point, i weaved around the one in front and broke into a quick walk in order to prevent being stuck in their pack for the next group of steps. this is when i heard one of them say something to the effect of 'go ahead, break free'. still, i questioned whether they were, in fact, talking about me.

then i heard "excuse me, miss?". I took off one earbud and turned to the kid. (he could not have been older than 17 years old.) He told me that his "friend back there" was "interested in talking to me for a bit". I turned around to see who he was talking about and of course faced a pack of 8 boys. I was then directed to the kid wearing 'the DC shoes', turned back around to the boy that approached me, laughed, and said 'i think i'm probably a little bit older than you think i am.' He sneakily asked for my age first before committing to an age for his friend. I told him i was 25, and his split-second surprised reaction confirmed for me that he thought i was younger.. he then told me his friend was 19, he swears. his friend was not 19, i swear.

we continue walking to the turnstile and i'm like "i'm actually on my way somewhere" (why can i never just lie about having a boyfriend?!?!) and he's all 'i know you're in a rush, but if he could just have a minute to talk to you.' i said 'right' acknowledging that i knew that's what he was asking, he took that 'right' as an 'ok' and happily exclaimed to the kid in dc's that i had 'said yes!'. i literally said 'woah woah woah, no i didn't.' then i said 'you're really 19?' and the kid nodded. i heard my train coming (they were headed the opposite way) and said 'i'm sorry, i have to go'. the friend kept pleading (he was really putting more effort into this than the actual kid that wanted to talk to me) and asked just for a quick minute. i apologized again and the friend was like 'can i at least ask your name'. so i shook his hand and told him my name, he told me his name was raymond, i turned to get the kid in dc's name, but he just stood there silent as a ghost, so i turned around and left.

but what if i was so desperate for luvin that i talked to this guy and then got arrested and thrown in jail for carrying on with a minor?!?!

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