Friday, May 16, 2008

So long, ceiling cat!

So I haven't been giving proper updates re: my ceiling hole, because nothing really has been happening. The one major event happened about three weeks ago, when i took the day off specifically to get my hole fixed. two days prior, i had left a message telling my super i'd be off and home all day on that wednesday. wednesday came and he didn't, but also while i was there, i was witness to a pipe bursting in between my kitchen and bathroom walls and some leakage happening ruining my bathroom wall. just my luck. so i was fueled with a rage because not only did the super not show up or return my calls, but when i called the management company about the burst pipe, they again sent the super's old man lackey...and all he did was looking at the bubbling, leaking paint on my wall and tell me the super would come by to fix it....which...never happened.

anyway after approximately a month and a half of existence, my ceiling hole has finally started Phase III. In what took approximately 40 minutes to come and do, my super finally answered my call and covered up that creepy hole.

all that's left now is phase IV, paint the ceiling.

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