Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a tale of 35th street wooing

ok, picture this: you are me. you have just decided that instead of going straight to work you are going to stop into mcdonald's for an egg mcmuffin. when turning the corner a dude starts talking at you (which happens a lot in this part of town). the young man is dressed in baggy jeans and some sort of sports jersey (if you are me you don't follow sports so you don't know what team this jersey represents). he says - "you got nice eyes". to which you don't respond. he continues saying something about your eyes or something of that sort as you pass. to which you also do not reply. you continue walking and when you are at least 5 yards away, said main in baggy jeans and sports jersey yells to you, "isn't it nice to have friends?". to which you don't reply, but you are rather amused by. and then you think to yourself, "that never occurred to me before, it IS indeed nice to have friends".

thank you young man, thank you.

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